Silk is an ancient fabric. It was believed to be discovered by the Chinese in the second century B.C. Silk was then used for making clothing for royalty and their courtiers, and later became a feature of Buddhist robes, and eventually exported around the world for all to enjoy.

Today, natural silk has become a luxury commodity that is valued for its breathable comfort, resilience, beauty and easy-care properties. Silk garments are also known to be long-lasting and collectible with enduring style. That’s what makes Espino silk loungewear and real silk pajamas for women the ultimate luxury gift for Christmas. They're also made with stretch, washable silk. Don't slip up, this Holiday season shop Espino fto experience one of the finest fabrics in the world.

Easy Care with Machine Washable Silk

We make Holiday shopping easy. Choose from a range of luxury silk essentials including the best selling pajamas. Espino washable silk clothing is made of natural silk which is a fabric that’s more durable and breathable than any other material you can find. Espino promises that its silks are so weighty, they will surprise and delight even the toughest person to shop for. Perfect for wearing around the house -- or styling them to go out. Espino fabric is the same weight as dress fabric so it's opaque.

The benefits of buying well made pajamas in natural silk are many. For starters, silk is a lightweight fabric that has excellent breathability keeps your body temperature regulated, so you're never too hot or too cold in Espino pajamas.  Real silk loungewear is an elegant gift for Christmas because it can be dressed up for entertaining at home. It's also hypoallergenic and anti-static, so it's more comfortable against the skin - no clinging. You'll also enjoy the fact that it’s so easy to care for that there's no need for dry-cleaning. Just hand wash in cold, hang to dry, steam iron and wear! And because it resists wrinkles better than most fabrics, you can store your silk pajamas and silk loungewear in a suitcase with confidence — ready to wear when you arrive at your destination.

The luxury of Silk Pajamas

- Made by hand – all cloth is cut and sewn by skilled artisans who take care to ensure that every stitch is both beautiful inside and out. A true luxury item that's hard to resist!

- Expert tailoring – we’ve invested months in fit testing and product development to ensure it will fit perfectly and be as comfortable as it is beautiful.

- Collectible wardrobe pieces – each piece is designed with longevity, style, and comfort in mind; you’ll want to wear them for years to come.

- Silk pajamas never go out of style - we make the finest silk pajama set made by hand in Canada; we use only the finest natural silk material and our own flattering designs. The best selling wide leg pants is a key trend this season and perfect for lounging. Pair them with a cashmere sweater.

Machine Washable silk - Espino real silk material can be washed in the machine - but only if you have an ultra delicate cycle! To be on the safe side Espino recommends hand washing in cold, hang to dry and steam iron.

Splurge on the ultimate silk pajama set

with the season's favourite look:

wide leg pants!

Purchasing silk clothing is a great splurge and investment. It will make you happy and make you feel good to know that you are buying clothing that offers the ultimate comfort and beauty; and is biodegradable.

1. When you buy Espino natural silk clothing, you’re helping to fight the negative consequences of fast fashion and adding a timeless essential to your wardrobe that will last a lifetime.

2. Elegant Espino natural silk clothing is made by hand by expert artisans in downtown Toronto. Expertly tailored for the perfect fit, and flattering on all body types. 

3. Espino real silk pajamas are hand washable using Soak laundry wash and feature the hottest silhouette of the season - wide leg pants! Pair them with the Espino silk camisole.

4. The expertly tailored silk pajamas are timeless and wearable for years to come. Espino’s best seller - the wide leg pant is a major fashion trend this season. 

Natural silk is a far superior fabric to other materials in the retail clothing industry. Natural silk is durable, it can be easily collected, and it's timeless design will last for years to come. Silk is a much better alternative to synthetic fabrics, which are a major source of pollution and microplastics in our environment.

The natural silk is durable, beautiful and collectible. There are many reasons why Espino real silk pajamas are the hottest gift idea for women this Christmas!

Natural silk is a luxury fabric is a favourite splurge for people who crave comfort. The fabric itself is made by hand and it has a soft, delicate touch. Silks come in a variety of colors and styles, from the most formal to the most relaxed. Espino uses a super-premium sandwashed silk charmeuse with a substantial, beautiful drape.

Espino real silk loungewear is perfect for many different occasions, from business wear to evening wear. Because of its superior quality, it can easily be worn as ready to wear. It's a great investment because it’s seasonless. It’s as easy to wear in summer as it is this Holiday season.

Many reasons exist for why you should buy natural silk clothing. It is softer than other fabrics, and is so luxurious, it feels good to wear. It also lasts longer than other fabrics. It’s a great idea for someone special on your Christmas gift list!

Natural silk is pure and requires no pesticides in its production, which means it’s eco-friendly too. It’s also hypoallergenic and won’t cause allergies in people who wear it.

Natural silk pajamas are more durable than cotton

Silk is a natural fabric that can be found in many different colors. It is warm but not too heavy. It doesn’t weigh you down, allowing you to move freely. It drapes nicely without being too clingy or tight. Silk is an environmentally-friendly fabric because it requires less water and energy to produce compared to cotton, which also makes it more sustainable for the long run.

Silk’s natural fibres are breathable, moisture wicking, lightweight and wrinkle-resistant. The luxurious feel of silk clothing is incomparable to any other fabric. Espino’s silk loungewear never loose their shape or beauty.

Another benefit of real silk pajamas is that they provide warmth without weight, they are light enough for summer evenings yet keep you warm when the temperature drops at night in winter.

Buying well made clothing in natural silk is a splurge you can feel good about because it has so many benefits There is nothing more luxurious than turning a garment inside out and seeing that it looks just as beautiful inside. Espino takes exceptional care in the production of each and every silk clothing item. Seams are perfectly straight, clean finishes like French seams hide unsightly stitching and ensure the utmost comfort and wearability. 

Espino uses a heavy weight natural silk with a touch of spandex that looks as luxurious as it feels. The substantial drape gives it that expensive look and the smooth texture feels like liquid when you touch it. It is durable enough to last for years but soft enough that you feel comfortable wearing it at all times..

Silk is a natural fabric that has been prized for centuries for its luxurious feel, unique drape, and remarkable breathability. Few retailers carry silk, unfortunately. Instead the racks are full of synthetics that damage the environment. When compared to other types of silk materials like rayon or polyester, silk breathes better than other fabrics making it more cozy and comfortable. 

Silk is a natural fiber that is created by a silkworm as it spins a cocoon. It has been used for centuries in the textile industry, prized for its natural look, feel and luxurious texture.

Give an elegant gift this Christmas. Give your loved ones a cozy silk pajamas - just like kings and queens have worn for the past many centuries.  Soft against the skin, the Espino collection is a Holiday favourite. It’s easy to wake up refreshed and comfortable in any one of Espino’s beautiful silk chemise sleepwear or silk loungewear pieces. Espino has faster checkout and exclusive offers when you sign up to be an Espino Insider account. Contact Espino customer service for help picking the perfect piece!

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