Pure decadence

The look of Espino silk is pure, head-turning luxury. Every piece moves with the beautiful, unmistakable drape of super premium, natural silk fabric. Ours is thicker, richer and more buttery than the rest. Breathtaking on the body, its elegance is unmatched.  

The stunning tailoring means Espino can be worn for decadent lounging or styled innumerable ways to go out. The fabric quality is so fine, it maintains its exquisite appearance no matter how it’s worn. It even looks sensational when pulled from your carry-on.

Why our silk is different

We scoured the world to find the finest silk. It's more substantial and luxurious than standard silks sold by mass retailers. This creates exquisite drape with enough substance to maintain its polished appearance.

The custom colours are those that collectors love to wear -- not the ones trends tell them to. We added a touch of Lycra so our pant could have the most elegant, streamlined silhouette. Because the ultimate luxury is never having to compromise comfort for glamour.

We celebrate your personal style and have created exceedingly high quality, core pieces that fit seamlessly with your wardrobe.

Made to a higher standard, in Toronto.