The appearance and colour of our garments is designed to evolve and soften over time. Dry cleaning is an option, but we prefer a gentle hand wash, hang dry and steam. Steaming before it is bone dry is ideal, but not essential. If you don’t have a steamer, silk garments may be ironed, inside out, on low heat. A cotton handkerchief may be used between the iron and the garment for extra protection.

Wash one silk item at a time. Fill a clean bucket or sink with a gallon of cold water and a capful of Soak gentle laundry wash. Make sure there's enough room for the water to move around and cover the item.

Soak for no more than eight minutes and don’t wring or twist. Gently squeeze out the water. If you're using Soak, there's no need to rinse. Once excess water is removed, lay the garment on a clean, thick towel, and roll to absorb additional moisture.  Hang dry, away from direct sunlight which can fade the colour. Please expect the water to become coloured when washing. This is a normal part of the process and fabrics are dyed to accommodate.

DO NOT use harsh detergents, bleach or place silk in the dryer. BEWARE of rough surfaces and sharp points on jewellery that may damage the finish. With proper care, our silk pieces will maintain their beauty for many years to come.